Ideology and Inequality in Canadian Sex Education Films

A Brief History

Canada’s sex education films are deserving of our attention: as key components in the sex education curriculum, these films serve an essential role in defining the legitimacy (or illegitimacy) of particular sexual acts, sexual identities, and moral perspectives for Canadian youth. The history of such films, then, is at once a history of Canadian norms and values and is central to understanding where we have come from, and where we are going, when it comes to the complexities of sex.

However, Canadian sex education films have not yet attracted sustained academic interest. This website is an early effort to draw attention to the historical importance of these films, and, in particular, to their richness and diversity as subjects of study.

This website includes:

  • A historical catalogue of sex education films produced in Canada from 1953 to 2012.

  • A graphic timeline introducing some of the major films of each decade.

  • An academic essay exploring the development of Canadian sex education films in a social and cultural context.

  • A list of academic resources, and a film analysis tool, to serve as useful starting points for investigating Canadian sex education films.

Combined, these four elements offer a substantial introduction to the importance, and the influence, of Canadian sex education films both past and present.